Same as it never was

Video installation with streaming sound, 2010

By Mader Stublic Wiermann and Thomas Troge

Video documentation




The HBKSaar School of Fine Arts is located on the border of the baroque Ludwigsplatz. The gallery is a newly built second floor on top of an adjoining building. The large-scale glass corner opens the room towards the public square, from which there is a good insight into the gallery space during the day. At nightfall a motor-powered curtain shaped rear-projection is spanned behind the glass construction. Video projectors spread a seamless picture over the entire window area.

“same as it never was” goes into the spatial conditions of the gallery and reflects the corner situation at the square: Different computer generated spatial constellations are “built into” the existing architecture. Perspective lines are picked up and arranged in new combinations. Here the viewpoint of the spectator is important, as he always sites himself - according to a better overview – in a position that allows to watch the whole scene in relation to the corner. From there the virtual architecture plausibly establish new spatial elements. In the course of a constant process, these elements are cut, layered and the resulting fragments made into collages. Through fragmentation the architectural aspects are reinterpreted. Furthermore simulated light sources that are placed in the virtual environments create shadows and alternative atmospheres.

A basic and vital element of the installation is the streaming sound concept. Thomas A. Troge realized a composition, which can be received from mobile devices via an internet-address that provides a synchronized sound. Thus an individually sound-mix from the environment and the sound received via headphone can be made. With regards to content the composition follows partially the process of the video, extends unexpected soundscapes and reflects the constantly changing appearance of the gallery.


Same as it never was media curtain installation, since 2010



HBKSaar New Gallery, Saarbrücken, Germany


Video planning and realization

Mader Stublic Wiermann

Sound composition: Thomas A. Troge



5 video projectors, 5000 ansi-lumens, computer controlled, streaming sound server - connection via internet URL


Gallery, idea and planing

Andreas Brandolini and Burkhard Detzler



Freese Architekten


Special thanks

Burkhard Detzler
Janshuan Lee
Fabian Mansmann
Florian Penner
Robert Schwertberger
Sven Strauss
Jan Tretschok


Photo and video: © 2010 Mader Stublic Wiermann