In an other light

4 channel video installation, 2009

By Mader Stublic Wiermann

Video documentation



Within GLOW, Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, which took place 6 t/m 15 November 2009 in Eindhoven, Mader Stublic Wiermann realized a light intervention on the “Hooghuis” in the town’s centre.
Two sides of the building‘s pure cuboid design were almost entirely covered by video
projections. At the beginning of the looped video the motifs are based on the present architecture and display plain abstract geometries, thus creating a mix of real and simulated space.



Furthermore these geometries are part of an interplay
between light and shadows, which supports the combination of two three-dimensional spaces.
In the course of the display the video detaches itself from the building’s geometry, the lines are tilting, buckling like hand painted to the point of expressive structures/sequences that remind of graffiti.
Thus the display stops forming volumes and begins to add gestures and signs. As a result the light is reinterpreted from a form providing structural element to a narrative semaphore and is twisted again culminating in the complete opposite direction: a simple illumination of the building.
Within this plain lighting a (computer generated) Cowboy emerges, creating suspense.
A shoot fired from his revolver shatters the whole “light” scene into pieces.
Meanwhile in that final moment of collapse, light itself “materializes”. The unlit high rise façade remains - in complete darkness, before the loop starts again.


In an other light
GLOW, Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, 6.-15. November 2009


Bettina Pelz, Tom Groll



Hooghuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands



Mader Stublic Wiermann


Planning and realization

Mader Stublic Wiermann



4 video projectors, 15 000 ansi-lumens, computer controlled


Special thanks

Lo Boelhouwers
Bastian Erhardt
Sascha Gierend
Tom Groll
Suna Karaca
Michael Lang
Bettina Pelz
Robbert Tencaten


Lang Video Team


Photo and video © 2009 Mader Stublic Wiermann