Interactive VR media art installation 2019-22
Jewish Museum Berlin, 2022

Interactive VR installation


Introduction film (3 min.)

At the Ars Electronica Festival, 20 min. lecture about

Presence and Interaction in Synaesthetic Space - Innerland



First movement - abstract


First movement - RBB


Second movement - Sestákova skála (rocks), Prague


DESCRIPTION of innerland

„Innerland“, an interactive VR installation.


The art project is based on the piano concerto Opus 25 by Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944).

It consists of a technically complex new recording of the piano concerto in 3D sound and a virtual reality media art installation.

In the interactive installation "Innerland" genre-spanning film and sound recordings made during the 3D music production are combined to create dreamlike scenes. In the medium of the game engine, a visual language is created for the cinematic presentation of a concert, which enables multi-perspective views. Together with the free choice of the spectator’s point of view in VR, an alternative spatial narrative unfolds.

Documentary/biographical scenes form a separate walk-in background to a largely abstract image-art space experience, in which the work establishes a strong thematic reference to early abstract film works of the 1920s and 1930s - the same time period the piano concerto was created. Objects, colours, movements and sound are directly intertwined, as all instruments were recorded individually and could be freely grouped into clusters.
The viewer decides for himself how he wants to attend the music performance within the sceneries created by the artist.





Interactive VR media art installation, 2019-22



Alexander Stublic



In cooperation with Siemens Arts Program



Based on

The piano concerto opus 25

By Viktor Ullmann


Recorded in 2019, RBB, Berlin



Stephan Frucht


Together with

Pianist Annika Treutler


Deutschlandfunk Kultur and the

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin



Recording Producer and Audio Director

Prof. Thorsten Weigelt


3D-Immersive Audio Producer

Stefan Bock


3D-Immersive audio mixing

David Merkl



Video recording

Ole Jakobs

Alexis Oikonomidis

Martin Ripper

Hans Schauerte

Alexander Stublic

Uwe Teske

Verena Vargas

Frank Vetter

Michael Zimmer



VR production

Innerland 1.0 - 1.2, 2021-22

Ralf Strecker

Alexander Stublic


Innerland 0.75, 2019-21

Max Sacker

Takuro Sakamoto

Alexander Stublic
Jasper Stutterheim

Anotherworld VR team



Special thanks

Anke Bobel

Jan Burian

Petra Husáková

Rolf Leinberger

Tomáš Moučka

Dr. Gunther Reisinger

Till Schmatzler

Ralf Strecker

Rebeca Williams


The RBB team

The Siemens Arts Program team

The State opera Prague team

The Terezin Memorial team


© 2022


Photo and video © 2020/21 Alexander Stublic



Innerland exhibition

Jewish Museum Berlin, May 2022


Special thanks

Antje Grötzsch

Hendrick Jäger

Signe Rossbach

Paul Schultze


The Artlights team

The JMB team


Photo © 2022 Stefan Höderath