Incidence series

Two channel 3d video, light and audio installation with printed objects, 2014

By Alexander Stublic and Thomas A. Troge

Video documentation (1.30 min.)


One of two different objects



The installation is sculptural as well as filmic, ranging from modifications of the actual space, through lighting, 2d and 3d video to printed objects.
"Incidence series" uses the particular atmosphere of the small cinema „Blue Salon“, which is lined with blue heavy curtains at each side.
3d objects are distributed at the entrance and the spectator enters the cinema where the big screen is exchanged by two 3d monitors in front of a closed curtain. The immersive quality of 3d video is used to create an additional layer inside the normal 2d video. While the 3d video seems to be the most distant part of the installation, occurring events are directly linked to the spectator through the physical presence of the 3d objects in hand.
Additionally Thomas A. Troge’s sound composition creates an emotional component of strangeness, absurdity and questions the perception even further.


Incidence series

Beyond festival, 9th to 12th October 2014

runtime 9 min. (loop)



Ludger Pfanz



The blue salon, ZKM/HfG Karlsruhe



Alexander Stublic


Sound composition

Thomas A. Troge


3d objects

Mathias Hauck



Two channel 2d/3d video, light and sound installation, synchronized

Extra curtains


With the kind support of

3D Innovation Center, Berlin

Expanded 3-Digital Cinema Lab

HfG and HfM Karlsruhe

Samsung Electronics GmbH


Special thanks

Sebastian Avenarius

Bibiana Castillo

Catalin Constatinescu

Simon Frettlöh

Frank Halbig

Marcel Herpich

Tobias Keilbach

Alexander Knoppik

Rainer Lorenz

Dr. Ralf Schäfer

Sebastian Schäfer

Kathleen Schröter

Dieter Sellin


photo and video documentation © 2014 Sebastian Avenarius