Folded space

2 channel video projection, SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, 2008

By Mader Stublic Wiermann


The Torre Pompéia in São Paulo was con-structed by the Italian architect Lina Bò Bardi in the nineteen eighties. The video installation “folded space” uses the tension-filled structure of the massive parts and bridge arrangements of the building for a temporary fresh interpretation. The video loop projects two-dimensional abstract structures, which arrange themselves in spatial constellations following a choreography of 12 minutes sequences. The projection puts a new layer on the building, which “floats” over the surface and is “fractured” at the edges. It thus creates “folded space” breaking up and reinterpreting the conclusiveness of the projected light spaces originating from a computer simulation.
The strong sculptural quality of Lina Bò Bardi’s architecture is being emphasized and exceeded by the projected layer provoking a “battle” for spatial dominance. In experiencing the spontaneous and unexpected spatial constellations and breakings the spectator approaching the building is drawn into this conflict.
“folded space” is created as an experiment which pursues the questions whether and how architectural forms persist and maintain their urban relevance in a perception that is increasingly affected by media-based events.




Folded space
Mostra de Artes, festival, 2008



Torre Pompéia, SESC SP, São Paulo



Marcelo Bressanin



Mader Stublic Wiermann



2 video projectors, 15 000 ansi-lumens,
computer synchronization


Special thanks

Marcelo Bressanin
Cássio Quitério
Veridiana Aleixo de Moura e Souza


SESC Pompéia team
Com Tato Agência Cultural team


Photo (1,7,8) © 2008 Nilton Silva; (2 -6) © 2008 Mader Stublic Wiermann