Expanded space

Distributed live video installation with mobile units, 2009

By Mader Stublic Wiermann

Video documentation




In this project, the outer walls of the dominant power plant buildings of Avedøre Holme become part of a distributed video installation. To achieve this effect, two projections are displayed in line, creating a contiguous video. The videos’ unusual size, combined with the building’s archetypal shape, work to achieve an architectonic dimension that both influences the surroundings and creates a sign that can be seen from great distance. The effect is enhanced by the video’s content, which creates a three-dimensional layer within the area. An additional expansion into the surrounding urban space is created by smaller mobile units, which distribute the sign throughout the area.

mobile units and waypoints
Several vans are modified to serve as mobile units that display a special video on their back side. These videos are synchronized with the big projections, creating the impression of a continuous space between them. The video shows the same basic-content, but from the van’s perspective. This can be experienced at several waypoints, where the mobile units position themselves in choreographed relation to the big projections, thus creating a representation that uses the suburb as a stage.


Expanded space on Avedøre power plant and in the surrounding area

07.-18.12.2009, part of LysLyd, sound and light festival and took place on the occasion of the UN Climate Conference (COP 15)



Avedøre Holme, Copenhagen, Denmark


Planning and realization

Mader Stublic Wiermann



10 video projectors, 15 000 ansi-lumens, computer controlled,
live synchonization with weather station via internet


Special thanks

Karen Brehm Sørensen
Jakob Askou Bøss
Trevor Davies
Nils Engelbrecht
Simon Frettlöh
Stefan Joachim
Michael Lang
Marie Vilthoft Polly
Alex Wietzel


Copenhagen international Theatre team
Dong energy team
Hvidovre commune team
Lang Video team


Photo and video © 2009 Mader Stublic Wiermann